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The Baghdad Recount: No Change in Party Seat Allocation; Damluji and Jabir Habib Jabir Are Replaced by Others from Their Lists

Posted by Reidar Visser on Sunday, 16 May 2010 15:42

The Iraqi elections commission, IHEC, today announced the results of the Baghdad recount. The discrepancy between the original result and the manual recount was only around 3,000 of more than 2,000,000 votes and, in line with predictions, the seat allocation between parties remained unaffected.

A new Baghdad MP: Adnan Jabbar al-Mayahi of Daawa (Tanzim al-Iraq), who has a degree in “strategic planning in national security”  (though he was an undergrad in the Arabic language), and work experience in combating terrorism!

The manual recount did lead to some minor changes in the list of Baghdad representatives, since this depends exclusively on the number of personal votes and as such is more susceptible to minor changes. Confirmed as casualties of this development is firstly Maysun al-Damluji of, of Wifaq, and the female spokesperson of Iraqiyya. She had just 650 personal votes and lost out to Fayza Kazim Muhammad al-Ubaydi (641 votes in the original count). The same fate applies to Jabir Habib Jabir, an independent with State of Law who was previously close to the Sadrists; he had 1,855 votes and is reportedly replaced by Adnan Jabbar al-Mayahi (originally at 1,822), of the Tanzim al-Iraq branch of the Daawa. A report on some Iraqi newswires to the effect that Ibrahim al-Mutlak, the replacement candidate for Salih al-Mutlak in Baghdad, had also lost his seat as a result of the recount (to Abd al-Karim Ali Abtan, at 2,807, of a nationalist group within Iraqiyya also represented in Kirkuk) is hard to believe given that he had 5,473 personal votes and would have had to lose more than 2,000 to fall below the lowest winning male Iraqiyya candidate, Ala al-Makki, at around 3,000 (unless, of course, he was in fact excluded as part of the de-Baathification process, where he was on the list of 52 and may have suffered personal exclusion even if Iraqiyya keeps his votesthis interpretation is confirmed in the official IHEC revised result for Baghdad released on 17 May).

IHEC has repeated its call for candidates for the 7 compensation seats to be forwarded within 3 days, at which point everything will hopefully be sent to the courts for certification.

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