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It Is Official: Nine of the De-Baathification Appeals Succeed

Posted by Reidar Visser on Monday, 17 May 2010 15:41

In an interview with Sumaria News today, the director for de-Baathification, Ali al-Lami, has admitted that the 9 winning candidates that he sought to exclude have been successful in their appeals to the special de-Baathification board.

In many ways, this is old news, since influential political voices including the presidency council and Ahmad Chalabi have already said they wanted it to be this way. They have after all achieved what they were interested in (and therefore no longer need Lami): Discouraging Maliki from the idea of building a political majority and forcing him back to the logic of an oversized, governing-council style government of “national unity”. It should be stressed that there appear to be at least two real seat-winning victims of the de-Baathification campaign: Ibrahim al-Mutlak of Iraqiyya (who was in the initial list of 52 de-Baathified and did not appear on the revised list of Baghdad winners; some newswires erroneously attribute this demotion to the recount), and, possibly, Raad al-Bayati, also of Iraqiyya, in Diyala, and among the original 52 exclusions.

It is interesting, too, that Lami expressed his intention to “appeal” the decision! Regardless of which of the several legal frameworks involved (i.e. the accountability and justice law, or the IHEC regulations on approval and registration of political entities), these decisions cannot be appealed, period. Wasn’t Lami himself quick to point that out some months ago when the legal authorities were working in his favour?

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