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208 Days and Counting: Iraq Beats the World Record in Slow Government Formation (With a Maliki Nomination Update)

Posted by Reidar Visser on Friday, 1 October 2010 14:49

It is now official: Iraq leads the league of the worst-performing democracies on the planet.

On 19 December 1977, 208 days after the Dutch general election of 25 May 1977, the Christian Democrat CDA finally formed a coalition government with the Liberals. For months, the big winner in the election, the Labour party, had attempted to form a government combining itself and the CDA – a new conglomerate of old Christian parties which included some left-wingers that had cooperated with Labour in the previous government. However, thanks not least to personal distrust between CDA and Labour leaders, the anticipated agreement fell through and the CDA-Liberal government was formed with the slightest possible majority. It lasted until 1981.

At midnight Friday, Iraq will have beaten that record… Full story here.

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