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Finally, Some Good Sunni Federalism: Are You Happy Now, Joe?

Posted by Reidar Visser on Wednesday, 30 November 2011 13:21

US Vice President Joe Biden has visited Iraq many times, with many different messages.

Back in 2007, Biden travelled to the Sunni-majority governorate of Anbar in search of federalists. He wanted to fill a glaring lacuna in his wonderful plan for a tripartite Iraq: Real Sunnis that were ready to forget about Baghdad and focus on local provincial politics instead. He was unable to find any takers… Full story here.

7 Responses to “Finally, Some Good Sunni Federalism: Are You Happy Now, Joe?”

  1. Salah said

    The Americans, for their part, elegise on Iranian influences in the shape of nasty militias but seem oblivious to the fact that they themselves gave Iran precisely what it wanted in Iraq in late 2010 in terms of a prime minister appointed on the strength of a sectarian Shiite coalition and an ethno-sectarian political framework more generally.

    No matter how Joe Biden may try to spin it, it is not a pretty sight.

    First this statement too late too little, Iraqis “I am one of them” many times raised this matter sadly no one looks agree to the facts on the grounds for the last 9 years.

    In fact I commenting of portioning Iraq and I brought Biden as the master of portioning but may comment rejected by Reidar argue that Biden changes his stand.

    From the start US went to Iraq with NO attentions of bringing democracy, this now clear in latest Rice Book, so what you expected invader went to land what to do there.

    Whatever framework done on the land of Iraq between US or Iran cannot be doubtable that US don know or have no attention in all which Iraq ended “gave Iran precisely what it wanted in Iraq”.

    Discussing Iraq for the last 9 years of invasion, just now giving us that US handed Iraq to Iran looks to me your discussion and analysis of Iraq is out of sight all in all.

    محافظة الانبار مزهر الملا خضر . ان الاحد المقبل سيشهد اعلان المحافظة اقليما مستقلا .

  2. Whatever the declared purpose of Biden’s visit, there has to be an important result: Is Maliki’s planned visit to the US in December a Go or No Go?

  3. I think you meant to say “Sunni-majority region (pending) of Anbar . . . ” ( ). jk

  4. Reidar Visser said

    Salah, just to be clear, as said before, Biden modified his plan for Iraq during 2007 and ended up with a general call for the comprehensive federalisation of the country, which is not the same as partition. I agree that in practice he has done a good deal to drive Iraq towards partition, sometimes in spite of his declared intentions to do something else.

    Nicholas, yes, this is yet another example that governorate councillors think they can just declare a region, which they can’t. They can ask for a referendum according to the regions formation law.

  5. Salah said

    الريس: اشكالات قانونية تواجه تحول صلاح الدين الى اقليم
    02/12/2011 21:15

    بغداد/اور نيوز
    قالت مستشارة في المكتب الاعلامي لرئيس الوزراء أن المجلس لم يناقش في جلساته الماضية طلب مجلس محافظة صلاح الدين تشكيل اقليم مستقل اداريا واقتصاديا بسبب وجودة اشكالات قانونية.
    وقالت مريم الريس إن “مجلس الوزراء لم يناقش الطلب الذي تقدم به مجلس محافظة صلاح الدين بشأن تشكيل الاقليم كونه مخالفا للقانون خصوصا في مسألة المناطق المتنازع عليها والتي لم تحسمها اللجنة الحكومية المكلفة بتطبيق المادة 140 من الدستور”.
    واوضحت الريس أن “الاشكال القانوني بانشاء الاقاليم يتعلق بالفقرة السادسة من قانون 13 لسنة 2008 والذي تحدث عن الاجراءات التنفيذية لتشكيل الاقاليم، والتي اشارت الى الاجراءات التنفيذية فقط في المحافظات التي تروم الانضمام الى اقليم قائم وليس لمحافظة تنوي تشكيل اقليم مستقل”
    وبينت الريس ان “القانون بحاجة الى تعديل قبل الشروع بالمطالبة بتشكيل الاقليم في العراق”.وتابعت أن “اشكالا قانونيا اخر يتعلق بعدم انتهاء اللجنة الحكومية المكلفة بتطبيق المادة 140 من الدستور من عملها وبالتالي لا يمكن للمحافظات التي تضم في حدودها الادارية مناطق متنازع عليها تشكيل اقليم الا بعد الانتهاء من مسألة حسم تلك المناطق”.
    واعلن مجلس محافظة صلاح الدين، في الـ27 من تشرين الاول الماضي، المحافظة إقليماً اقتصادياً وإدارياً منفصلاً، فيما أكد رئيس الوزراء نوري المالكي أن مجلس الوزراء “سيرفض” إقامة إقليم في محافظة صلاح الدين، مبينا أن الطلب بني على “خلفية طائفية وحماية البعثيين”، لافتاً إلى أن المحافظة كانت “معقلاً للإرهاب”.

  6. Reidar Visser said

    Salah, the comments by Rayyis mostly echo what she said earlier in November, discussed here:

    The added focus on article 140 implementation as prerequisite is an interesting sign of possible rapprochement between the Kurds and State of Law on this issue. Basically, it seems the Maliki camp is grabbing anything that can create delays..

  7. Salah said

    I do agree she is Maliki’s mouth, why kurd get on their own while there are land claims in many parts and sides they like to grab?

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