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Posted by Reidar Visser on Wednesday, 19 September 2012 14:44

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  1. observer said

    first let me express my sympathy. I know that many are probably questioning your “grasp on reality” and that there is no way that the “officers of the court” would go after the wrong guy and that there must be something underlying the smoke. I have a relative who is a lawyer and through him I have found out that the police forces are full of people who are hungry for power and hungry for promotion and would not think twice about violating the law to get to wehre they want to get.

    Having said the above, I will also say that those I have enough faith in the justice system in the US (and by extension the west) that I have no doubt in my head that justice will prevail as long as justice is being handed out by a jury. Persist my friend and you will prevail. You have stood up for free speech and it is now time for those who profess a belief in free speech to stand up for you. It is in times of trouble that true friends are found.

    I would love to help in a letter writing campaign to make the higher ups in your country wake up and realize that something is “rotting”. I know that your distractors can trace my IP and they are welcomed to come over here (well at the moment I am not in Iraq, but in Jordan) and question me on my post and they will know soon enough that I never met you in person and that I have only followed your writing.

    Bu the larger point I want to make is that your quitting the Iraq thread is a loss to us all who are interested in Iraq. I understand your need to set things “right” in your country, but let me t tell you that you will prevail in your country as in the end justice will prevail. We have no such assurance in Iraq where justice is purchased with a promise of a house and a reward or a threat of a death by silenced guns.

    Hell, if you want to work in Iraq, I can arrange it 🙂

  2. Reidar Visser said

    Thanks Observer, I copied your comment and added some thoughts of my own over at the other blog, where there is a longer discussion thread:

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