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The Iraqi Factor in the Syrian Crisis: Catalyst or Inhibitor?

Posted by Reidar Visser on Friday, 19 July 2013 17:32

Iraqis who cast their votes in postponed local elections in Anbar and Nineveh on 20 June had a lot on their plates. Beyond issues relating to the provision of services locally, the last weeks before the elections saw massive protests against the central government in Baghdad. The many angry slogans on display included calls for greater autonomy for the Sunni-majority areas of Iraq as well as expressions of solidarity with the mainly Sunni Syrian opposition movement. Some commentators even suggested momentum was building toward an “unmaking of Sykes-Picot,” the World War One British-French agreement that significantly impacted the delineation of borders between the modern states of Iraq and Syria. 

The results of those elections in Anbar and Nineveh are now final, and they indicate that in the end, local concerns firmly trumped the more radical and regional agendas in the Iraqi northwest… [Full piece can be read at the Middle East Institute blog]

3 Responses to “The Iraqi Factor in the Syrian Crisis: Catalyst or Inhibitor?”

  1. amagi said

    Excellent piece, Reidar. Sane analysis like yours is shockingly rare. Keep fighting the good fight — on both the public and private fronts. Although it may not always feel like it, you have supporters.

  2. Thanks Amagi! Sad as it is, perhaps the Syria debacle at least can serve as a reminder that simplistic analysis of the Middle East is mostly not worth listening to at all.

  3. Salah said

    I would ask my question/’s here:

    Were the Factor in the Syrian Crisis of Qatar (The Fat Ameer Hammed) with his push for jihadists “Qaeda fighters “in Syria?
    Were Factor in the Syrian Crisis Saudi and other tiny island ruled by kings and Ameers with full support of jihadists & extremists “Qaeda fighters “with issuing Fatwas for Jihad in Syria.
    Were CIA & M16 and others sending/ funding jihadists “Qaeda fighters”

    Qataris showered US$3 billons for support of those “Qaeda fighters” in Syria & God knows what others kingdoms spent on top of Qatari share.

    I think the key point here Iraq caught in the middle with the Syrian Crisis, the reality is US/ West & Iran in Syria, both have share point in all saga, Iraq today is a place that Machiavelli would have understood well, Iraq factor today Iraq A Twenty-Two Year Genocide used to complete the 2003 invasion dismantling and demolishing of civil society that was till early 1980’s the most prosperous nation in ME.

    I asked the writer if any Egypt Factor? OR if any Libyan Factor?

    Let think deep and quite reading what’s going in Iraq from 2003 with
    The Myth of the Surge

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