Iraq and Gulf Analysis




Iraq and Gulf Analysis is an occasional supplement to the Iraq website, which focuses on political developments in southern Iraq with particular reference to national reconciliation and constitutional issues like federalism and decentralisation. The blog Iraq and Gulf Analysis will feature shorter, more specialised and often speculative news stories while major developments are still covered at Iraq and Gulf Analysis was launched as a regular blog in September 2009, but previous entries from have been added to provide a complete archive for both sites in a blog format. The comment sections for all past entries have been closed, but articles published since September 2009 are open for comments for 21 days after the date of publication. Subscription to the occasional supplement at this site is via RSS (right sidebar); for the main articles at the subscription feature at that site is recommended. Twitter service available here.

The site is edited by Reidar Visser, an historian of Iraq educated at the University of Oxford

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